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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 16, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> that's 10 times what i have. thanks for reminding me. >> that's cool. >> i am kind of sad. i have to end the show. that does it for me. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> you could feel that especially at that table that joe biden was so aggressive. >> bill: v.p. debate moderator martha raddatz said she felt uneasy with joe biden's behavior. will that hurt the ticket? we have analysis with brit hume. >> the administration has conceded these attacks were the deliberate work of terrorists. >> bill: is mitt romney politicizing the murder of four americans in libya or is he raising a crucial question? why won't the obama administration tell us what
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happened? we will have a special report on this controversial. -- controversy. also tonight watters world goes to hollywood where people are giving big money to the obama campaign. >> how much are the tickets. >> mine was 25,000. >> 25,000? >> bill: this addition carolla and goldberg will be here causing trouble. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. assessing the presidential election with three weeks to go. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the real clear polling average is a tie between president obama and mitt romney. and that's amazing after all this time. when a challenger is tied with incumbent the challenger usually wins because the
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better name man should obviously mr. obama no such advantage now. the debate tomorrow night will be important. the town hall format which t. will be easy for both parties to state talking points. the folks asking the question regular folks. usually throw around general stuff like my cousin ottis can't find a job, what can you do for him? if i'm the president i say if ottis was an auto worker, there would be no problem because i saved the industry. if i'm the governor i say i have a cousin named ottis, and got him a job when i created thousands of jobs while working in the private sector. you get the idea. the vice presidential debate last thursday didn't do much to help either party. the rasmussen daily tracking poll today has romney up by 1. pretty much the same as before biden and ryan rumbled. and what about that? here is my take since i was off on friday. vice president biden knows i had liberal ideology, no question. he acted like a condescending
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talk show host during the debate. please hold the personal attacks on me with that reference. so i think that biden hurt his own cause, especially among women voters hot democrats need badly many ladies don't like the arrogant words and gestures directed toward anyone much less paul ryan who conducted himself with dignity. may not show up imimmediately in the polls. biden did himself and the president no favors. >> one of the things that joe biden did was in that little intimate table, very small, he was too big. he was like he was at a campaign event. you could feel that, especially at that table, that joe biden was so aggressive. >> bill: now, there is nothing wrong with being aggressive when you feel strongly about something. biden wanted to diminish ryan. instead, he diminished himself. by the way, mr. biden has dodged the factor for years. tonight i would like to invite him to bring his road show on this broadcast. he could attempt to diminish
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me all he wants. this is a great opportunity, mr. vice president. as for the presidential candidates themselves, neither has committed to appear on the factor. the clock is ticking. john mccain avoided us. i think the senator now believes that was a mistake. john kerry personally told me he made an error not coming on this program when he ran for president. we reached many independent voters here and it goes all over the internet. whatever we say here. so we hope the president and the governor will step up. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. looking ahead to tomorrow night's debate. senior political analyst brit hume. let's start with president obama. how should the president present himself at hofstra tomorrow night? >> well, it's not my place to advise him on how to present himself. but i have a sense of how he probably will present himself. and that is as the ally of every questioner who poses a
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question to him that asks for what he is going to do about x, y, or z. and the president will, in my estimation, do a pretty good job of seeming to understand what the questioner is concerned about or worried about or troubled about much to share that worry or concern. >> bill: so he will show empathy? there will be a lot of empathy in the air tomorrow. >> yes, i suspect there will be a lot of empathy. that's something that governor romney is not thought to be as good as as president obama is the setting or at least the format may tend to advantage mr. obama. >> bill: all right, now, am i wrong when i gave you the ottis comparison? >> yeah. listen. i think you have got a better chance of getting cousin ottis on your show than do you vice president biden. >> bill: why doesn't he come here and just try to mock me? i mean, i'm easily mocked, hume, you do it all the time behind the scenes. >> look, i never do it when there is a split screen. >> see, i want the vice president to come in and mock
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me. and i'm not going to react like congressman ryan reacted. i have a few other ways to deal with him. he is not going to come in. >> you are getting ottis first. >> bill: ottis day and the nights is my favorite groups from animal house. the point i was trying to make was what the folks could ask could be anything. you take the question. you show -- you are absolutely right. you show a little empathy. i can't believe you are going through that hard time, martha. you know, i wish i could cut your lawn and paint your house just like tom sawyer but i can't. i'm going to do some good things for you. they can answer whatever they want. that's why the town hall thing takes the edge off the debate or am i wrong? >> i think you are essentially right. i think there is a danger though in taking the question, given a brief -- to it and then turning it into an attack
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on your opponent if that's what you desire to do. these people get the questions and participate in these audiences and town halls tend to be the most terminally earnest good government citizens you have ever met in your life. and they want the candidates to treat them that way. and to treat the whole occasion that way. >> bill: sure, they want to be serious. >> attacks can be done. you have to word them very carefully. you know, you have show finesse. look, i didn't think we would see -- i didn't think biden would do what biden did. >> that's a whole different story. >> bill: so the folks know out there who are watching tonight the gallup poll has selected the people who will ask the question tomorrow. they are all what they call uncommitted voters either independents who don't know. >> they say they're. >> bill: they say they are, right. they poll them and get them in there you are not going to get cheech and chong. the pot shop, they are not going to get that they are
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going to vet them. they will take a shower. they will blow their hair dry you are absolutely right. you will be very earnest. the candidates know that they see this dog and pony sohio before. this is so easy, hume. tomorrow night's debate is the easiest debate. >> it can be but remember, it was -- it's certainly possible for one candidate to outshine another in this. >> bill: in the empathy. >> in the department of empathy. you know, you have to -- you know, you have to look like you are really glad to be there you really take these people seriously and some of their questions may not be the most informed questions we have ever heard or they may be off the point or they may be irrelevant in one way or another. and you have to be very slit tus of these people and seem to care. >> bill: that's not hard. even i could fake that. even i could fake it i could do it. i know i could do it. plus they are rehearsing for three days. they are rehearsing their empathy. [ laughter ]
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hume and i -- i don't want to diminish the presidential process for those of you watching all around the world. those of us who are americans, we know what it is. but for around the world they are going are these americans crazy? but when you watch it tomorrow night, it's going to be more theater than substance. >> well, i think for that reason, bill, that it will be very hard for president obama to wins a decisively this time around as he did last time around of the he may have been a judge when. kind of thing to shake up the race as that first debate to migrate surprise by the way seem to shake up the race i doubt. >> bill: president obama has got danger ahead in bake camera tone a week from today with the foreign affairs thing and libya thing a big mess. all right, brit, thanks very much as always. next on the run down, is mitt romney politicizing the murders of four americans in libya or is he doing the responsible thing by holding the obama administration accountable? an intense debate moments
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the day of these attacks with half information in a way that was denounced by both republicans and democrats. there is no doubt that he is working hard to exploit this issue. >> bill: well, you can decide whether governor romney is exploiting or rendering, rendering legitimate criticism because the obama administration still has not clarified what the heck happened in libya. >> when the vice president of the united states directly contradicts the sworn testimony of state department officials, american citizens have a right to know just what's going on. we're going to find out. >> shepard: joining us now from washington to analyze mary katharine and juan
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williams. legitimate or exploitative. >> exploitative there is a legitimate discussion to be had. when you hear governor romney talking about this attack as the equivalent of 9/11 or pearl harbor you understand the histrionics are out there, bill. second thing to say is that republicans here in washington and the congress cut the budget for diplomatic security just recently. he has been in advance of this conversation. when the first thing happened and the statement was issued from the diplomats in egypt. he was out there condemning president obama as if president obama had somehow apologized to the terrorists, so i think this is a very political issue for the governor. >> wait, mary katharine, so are you happy with the obama administration's clarity on the libyan issue, juan? >> no. >> bill: you are not? >> this is what -- killed since '7 . >> bill: juan, juan, juan, juan, juan, let's walk through it i'm not happy with it. i'm sure mary katharine ham
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not happy with it all three of us not happy with the clarity. not happy. here is what we don't know, juan, why they pulled out two security teams in august after the ambassador and other people there said hey, no, that's not good, we're in danger we don't know who pulled them out who are why they pulled them out. we don't know why they were pulled out and now it is october 15th, is it? okay? so we're -- we still don't know why they pulled them out who who pulled them out, that's acceptable to me. number two why don't know why ambassador susan rice went out on national television and said dopey things. we don't know why or who told her to say that they won't -- they being the obama administration won't say hey, here is who told her to say that. >> can i tell you the answer. >> bill: who. >> the director of national intelligence james clapper says that's the assessment we
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gave the entire association. >> bill: who is the human being who told her. >> the human being in charge of the intelligence community. >> bill: juan, the intelligence community that doesn't cut it i want the name. >> of course it does. >> bill: i want the name of the person who said it? >> that's like saying to president bush, president bush give me the name of the person who said there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq. that's not fair, bill. >> bill: sure it is. give me the name of the person inside the white house that told ambassador rice to go out and blame it on a tape? >> the director of national intelligence says that, what's are you going to do with the director of national intelligence. >> bill: juan, we don't have a name. >> go ahead, mary catherine. there are things going. like to know day one within 24 hours that this was a planned terrorist attack with ties to al qaeda. the idea that it was based on
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some mob and a spontaneous thing is based on one phone call, cherry picked, familiar with that term, intelligence, that says that it was based on this. it wasn't. now there is reporting from news week that shows that there is probably videotape from both a drone and inside the compound that contradicts that. >> bill: i want to ask a question. are they not as will legitimaten berne -- >> bill: you all talk behind my back telling people how simple i am. there is only two simple questions. what human being in the obama administration picked up the phone and told ambassador rice to go out there and mislead the public? i want a name. i want to know when the phone call happened and that's -- i'm simple, juan, that's all. now, number two. number two. who in the state department
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pulled the two security teams out of libya? what human being signed that order? all i want is two names, juan, or if it's a conference call, three. go ahead. >> can i make a point to you? >> go ahead. >> i think you are confusing what happened in tripoli where the embassy was and the ambassador usually with what happened in benghazi. the request for additional security was for tripoli. >> bill: juan, let me break this to you, juan. they move around with the ambassador. okay? >> no. '. >> bill: if the ambassador goes to benghazi they go with him,wawrch, security guys. advance, juan. they search around and they see if there is problems. that's what security people do, juan. >> okay, bill. last week here in congressman, we -- here in congress we had the person in charge of libya say there was nothing in benghazi. >> bill: that's not what the ambassador said in his own diary, juan, he said: i feel
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in danger, this is not a good situation. i'm going to give mary katharine the last word, go. >> i have one more simple question. why is it the obama, biden, the white house why haven't heard in request testified to and further not only heard about it teat he and in the vice presidential debate. he could have tuned in and watch the hearing either incompetence or misdirection. it can't be neither. >> bill: all right. good debate. very lively. directly ahead. brutal brutal senate race in massachusetts. now some union workers say they are being forced to campaign the democrat candidate elizabeth warren. adam carolla, bernie goldberg and jesse watters, it may be too much. we'll be right back.
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>> bill: campaign 212 segment tonight, brutal senate race in massachusetts between republic incumbent scott brown and democratic challenger elizabeth warren. polls say the race is very tight and now there is a new controversy. some union workers in the bay state say, they are being punished if they don't campaign for miss warren. >> do you get fined if you are not there. >> my dad got fined. >> how much did he get fined. >> 150. >> 150? really? and the union fined you 250 or 150. >> yeah. >> if you didn't go. 250 if you don't go. >> did you get paid to go. >> i don't know anything about it. i will say this, i am very proud of the union endorsement that i have received. >> i told you, i didn't know anything about this. i don't know anything about this. >> i'm just asking you. >> i don't know anything about this. >> bill: i don't think she knows anything about it one footnote we have been unable to identify the i'd tiff the person. mr. gray, is this a big story or what?
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>> it is a big story because it exposes the underbelly of the union political system here where union bosses have to pay or penalize their rank and file members endorse the candidate that the bosses prefer. >> bill: why do you believe this story? why do you believe that guy? we can't verify who the reporter was as he was shooting why do you know him? >> the head of the quarters union who apparently is that guys boss said over the weekend that in fact this guy's take home pay would be less if he didn't show up for political events. >> bill: wow. >> we have a confirmation from the bosses that says it's true. >> bill: wow, marianne, huh? what do you think? "boston globe." you love it. what do you think? >> it would be a big story if it were true. that is not what he said. what he did say was, there is an assessment for doing community service. that can include political
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rallies. >> bill: i see. >> includes community service then that goes to local charities. now, what would be a big story is if they were told it was mandatory. >> bill: yeah. >> they would lose their job if they didn't go. >> bill: fine a guy 150 bucks for not showing up to a warren rally. come on, you didn't fall up the bumpkin truck from fitchberg. >> greenfield. >> bill: you know it's like chicago in boston. hey, you guys get out there. if we don't see you out there, going to find 150 light. check marianne, what do you give to me? community service? >> here is -- this is the new phrase for dues, okay? if you were threatened to lose your job, made mandatory and lost a day's pay, that would be a big story and that's what happened to coal miners in ohio with the romney rally
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warren's reaction. >> imus: warren, marianne, i'm sure you would have concerning to me. i hope this is happening. i don't want anybody paid to come to my rallies. isn't that the way to handle it? not i don't know anything about it. makes it sound like. just say it's wrong. if it happened. i don't know whether it happened. i hope it didn't happen. wouldn't that be the best answer? >> that's exactly what she said if this did happen, it was wrong. >> bill: when did that happen? after you got on the phone and told her to wise up. >> in that same story she said exactly the same thing. >> bill: did she say that mr. gray on the spot. >> listen, it shows she is a first-time candidate. she did not handle this well. she looked under pleasure. she -- looked under pressure.
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she needs the union bosses to pay or penalize their workers to get out and deliver the vote for her in november. so, she is scared to cross them. and they are scared to under perform for her. so,. >> bill: do you think there going to be money changing hands? if there m. gray, this is speculation. i don't usually do. this but it's certainly off this. do you think money is going to change hands on voting? do you think the unions are going -- get out there and vote? not going to know, show up at the polls. >> they definitely say that unions pay for millions of dollars in advertisements and political mail and phone calls. yes. they are going to arm twist and get their union vote out. they always do it here in massachusetts. they are going to try to do it even more so this time because mayor boston tom and others are putting them over the barrel to deliver. the rank and file don't like warren all that much. they are not too sure about her. the others in power really pressuring them to come
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through. >> bill: mary ann last word. >> that's the key now. union members favor scott brown by five points. that's the difference between winning and loo losing. will he elected scott brown, and ronald reagan here. can you force them to do whatever. i don't believe they're. you can't force how they vote. historically a whole lot of democratic union members vote republic in massachusetts. >> bill: all right. thank you very much. very interesting story. factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg on whether cnn debate moderator candy crowley is unfair and unbalanced. tomorrow night, is she the wisest choice? jesse watters asking the folks why they are giving money to president obama. >> what policy is he implementing to get us out of this hole, specifically? >> you know, he's -- >> bill: yes, indeed. we hope you stay t
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>> bill: in the rolling with carolla segment tonight, the space shuttle winding its way through the city of angels, smoke ares the new lepers, joining us from burbank, california, alan carolla. i don't know how you are standing it out there. the endeavour rolling along on the streets and everybody is going crazy. what is going on? what is this? >> well, it moved from lax to a museum near downtown l.a. at about 2 and a half miles per hour which is actually faster than the average speed of
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traffic in los angeles. we squandered an opportunity here, bill. we should have taken that space shuttle just up the 405 freeway about 80 miles to the mexican border and done a couple of victory laps. basically said, listen, stop all the drug running, stop all the cutting the heads off and putting them in duffle bags, go ahead and hit the algebra books and you too could have one of these. by the way, we're done with this one. that's how good we are. we are retiring this. >> bill: this is on salute. >> this is an 8 track cassette to us. >> bill: you, aadam carolla had you been in charge of this would have use endeavour as motivational tool to the mexican government to improve itself? >> that's right. this is what we call antiquated technology we're so advanced we're actually done with this device. please take a look and see
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what studying and not paying off police and government officials can get you as a society. >> okay. now, los angeles is bankrupt. i think they owe like $45 trillion or something. have no money. this has got to cost l.a., what have you got cops there and they are knocking down lampposts and everybody, you know, they have to keep the looters away. this is a loss leader for l.a., right? >> yeah. well, it's not really looters, it's more guys, -- it's more taggers because normally anything that size would have been tagged and had writing all over it. >> bill: with greeft. gravity. graffiti. eventually covered with graffiti but basically so it covers los angeles. we're out of money but we always have money for party. we are like a super poor guy who used to be an attorney and just has a little money left to throw a party that's all we
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do. >> this was a celebration for los angeles the endeavour as it came by. people were grilling and doing little party -- little, what do they call it, before the football game thing, tailgating and all that. >> tailgate, yes. >> bill: all right. celebrations are good, celebrations are good. >> by the way, bill. can i just tell you the greatest job there is from the planet? do you see the pictures of the space shuttle when it's on top of the 747 and it's flying in? >> yeah. >> bill: yeah. >> do you know the guys in the trailing airplane. that's got to be the coolest gig on the planet. all you do is fly next to this thing and stare at it if something goes wrong there is nothing you can do. >> bill: right. nothing you can do. >> just look at it. >> bill: you are a guy who drives a ferrari next to a big rig while it drives up the coast of san francisco. >> bill: never thought of that carolla. this is why we have you on. >> greatest gig in america. >> bill: did you ever smoke
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cigarettes in were you ever a smoker at all. >> as i told my doctor who said how often do you drink and i said not very often. and they said how often and i said maybe every day. and then he said how often do you smoke and i said i don't smoke. and then i said well, only when i drink. yes, i will chip away at a cigarette if i have enough cocktails in me. >> bill: all right, so if you are drinking then you reach for the tobacco. now the city of del ray beach rg florida, nice town, will not hire anybody who smokes cigarettes. this seems to be what to you? >> it's like we have declared a war on smokers. smokers are per rye pry pariahs in this. einstein smoked a pipe, keith richards, another one of historical great smokers. we had a lot.
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>> bill: humphrey bogart. >> john wayne, tons of great smokers. i had this thought the other day, smokers on a social just pariah standpoint lower are looked down more upon than deadbeat dads. than dads who don't take care of their kids. smokers are actually higher up on the ladder than they are. >> bill: they get the trailer park designation very very quickly if you are smoking these days. adam carolla, everybody. when we come right back bernie goldberg on whether candy crowley is fair enough to moderate
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bill o'reilly weekdays with bernie segment tonight. two hot topics why reporters aren't asking the key question in the libyan scandal first cnn correspondent candy crowley the mod der radar of the presidential debate tomorrow night. bernie joins us from north carolina. ms. crowley, a good choice? >> it's crowley, by the way. >> is it. >> i always check these things. >> crowley, fine. >> listen, honest, bill, i don't care who they pick as a moderator. but, interestingly, both the obama campaign and the romney
1:42 am
campaign two campaigns that don't agree on anything have agreed that candy crolly may be a problem because they are trying to muzzle her. the two campaigns made an agreement that said the moderator would have very very limited role in this debate. let me share with the audience a little behind the scenes stuff. the actual wording of the agreement, in managing the two minute comment periods, the moderator will not rephrase the question or open a new topic, the moderator will not ask follow-up questions or comment on either the questions asked by the audience or the answers of the candidates. candy didn't get the memo, and maybe literally didn't get the memo because she didn't sign on to be a potted plant and she is already indicated in interviews that she plans to ask follow-up questions. >> bill: the thing you just read, who wrote that? the lawyers for the two
1:43 am
campaigns agreed to that -- that agreement with the people putting on the debate. the presidential. >> bill: candy's role if that holds is basically to say okay, tiffany, you are next. that's it. >> exactly. thank you, tiffany. >> you would never accept that role. i mean, come on. she is a journalist, she is not a prop. if the question from the audience is mr. president, what about benghazi and the security we all have biases. as long as she leaves her biases at the door. i want her to be opportunity pain. ask them both questions. >> bill: i don't have a problem with her. i think she is fine. >> bill: all right, now, as we discussed with juan and mary katharine are the key question in the libyan deal who told
1:44 am
her to go out there and mislead everybody. i haven't seen it asked. this is fascinating to me. first of all indisputable facts. if you are in the administration. and you go on the sunday talk shows, the white house cleared it. that's a fact. fact number two, she went on by five different shows and told the story that was blatantly false. >> bill: and identical. she told the identical story so you know he she had rehearsed it over again, right? >> yes, over and over and over. you can do it five times again. and it was blatantly false. i'm not saying she was lying. but the story was absolutely totally false. so here's the simple question that you raised earlier in the program. who told to you go out there and say that? was it a political person? was it valerie jarrett or david axelrod? did they tell you to say whoever it was for political reasons so that it doesn't look like we he had terrorist attack on a u.s. consulate on
1:45 am
a 9/11 no less on the anniversary of 9/11? we don't need an fbi investigation. we need a curious journalism they wouldn't let her talk two feet without answering that question. bus shea isn't a republic working for george bush but a democrat working for president obama, they have virtually no curiosity about this question. >> bill: it's amazing, it really is amazing that that question is a simple question. absolutely. >> it's a simple direct question. who told you to go out and say that? >> bill: right. >> by the way, i have no proof of this, i'm just telling -- an educated guess. i will bet you it was a political person like axelrod
1:46 am
or valerie jarrett. >> bill: all right. bernie goldberg, everybody as always. thank you. we have watters world on deck. why are people giving money to the obama campaign? what is the reason for that? watters in hollywood upcoming.
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>> back of the book segment tonight, watters world. president obama has collected a lot of money in big cities like new york and los angeles for his re-election campaign. but why are the folks giving so much to the president? do they have a solid reason for their donations? we sent jesse watters to an obama fundraiser in hollywood. ♪ >> how much did you pay for
1:50 am
tickets? >> $44. for the 44th president. >> i paid 150 bucks for it. >> 160? >> how much were the tickets. >> mine was 25,000. >> 25,000? >> why? why are you yelling at me. >> $250. >> 250? >> yes. >> so you are a baller over here. >> thanks. i needed that. >> if you had to jovi and katie perry or obama what do you do. >> obama. >> all the way. >> all the way. >> are you really here for the music? be honest. >> yes, no, yes. >> no? yeah? i don't know what i'm supposed to say right now. >> i just start weeping. >> weeping? >> for both. earth, wind and fire. obama is speaking. >> don't cry on me now. >> [crying] >> you don't look so good. >> i'm really here to see -- is he single. >> i am and i'm ready to mingle. [ laughter ] >> would you pay money if there was a romney fundraiser
1:51 am
and he had jennifer hudson there. >> i would give people money not to go. >> why do you like him? >> i think he has the values, at least most of the values that i have. >> has a pleasant face. i don't know too much about the politics. >> that's where it starts to get complicated. >> i think he choices. >> i have been fighting for universal healthcare in this country for about 40 years. now, what we got is not perfect but it is the best thing we have come close to having. >> pretty bright little guy. >> i believe that he is a 100 percenter for the 47 percenter plus the 53 percenter and even the 1 percenters. [crickets chirping] >> do you know what that means. >> what's obama's plan to reduce the debt? >> he has got a -- i would say the -- >> oh, no, no, no, oh -- huh? >> what about the president's jobs plan do you know what that. >> no. my job has been video games.
1:52 am
unemployed people still play video games. [ laughter ] >> we'll play some more. >> what about his policies? do you like his tax policies or his jobs policies? >> [sigh] >> are you serious? >> what policy is he implementing to get us out of this hole, specifically. >> where is your dad when you need him? >> you might fold under questioning. [ laughter ] >> have you ever watched bill o'reilly? >> i do. >> what's your favorite part of the show? >> generally when he just makes mistakes. >> what? >> i like o'reilly. he is kind of cool but his politics are a little right of me. >> you don't have a problem with fox news, do you? >> if i'm in my dentist office and i'm on. i tell them turn that off or i'm going to a spret dentist. >> you look like you haven't had a lot of dental work. >> i get it, i have bad teeth. >> are you a factor fan? >> bill is very entertaining, i love him. >> you love him? >> yeah. >> that's a shock.
1:53 am
>> set the scene. you are at the staple center. >> nokia theater next door. they have a big concert there, right? >> yeah. >> my guys earth, wind and fire. >> yes. >> they are the best. i love them. >> not my generation, bill. >> bill: like too many instruments for you. >> listen, they had katie perry and bon jovi so for me earth, wind and fire -- >> bill: let's dump earth, wind and fire for katie perry. >> she looks great. she had political advice, too. >> bill: we'll get to that in a minute. earth, wind and fire and katie perry, my pal bon jovi. people pay to get in to buy a ticket? >> it's basically a concert. ticket prices, the performers don't get any? >>. no i'm not sure what they get. i think it's in kind donation. they raise about $1.5 billion for the campaign. >> bill: we don't know what
1:54 am
earth, wind and fire and katie perry got. >> i have no idea. >> bill: katie perry had a political message. >> she supports equal rights. she doesn't say whose equal rights. it could be gay rights, african-american, native americans. >> bill: she wants equal rights for everybody. >> bill: i'm for equal rights. >> george clooney had a political message as well. >> bill: he was there. >> he was there. he had a huge reception. he said that four years ago beverly hills chihuahua was the number one movie in america. how you cannot argue that we are not better off than we were four years ago. >> bill: he was making a little movie reference. that was a humorous attempt. >> he thought he was funny. i don't think the crowd reacted >> bill: we are north going to critique anybody's humor here. we got carolla and you. >> and you. >> bill: easy you can be replaced. tip of the day has to do with me and money this evening. the tip 60 seconds away.
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>>é deliberate to distract viewers a&ñ]hómd"çce>>"l will cheryl, oklahoma. fpcn/$ó e8wgóxlcb#2pm=xrh@:;qíqoa4uq,.
1:57 am
welcoming the wounded warriors organization to ireland for that's not gold that's golf holiday. bill, i never carried for american politics until i began watching the factor now i find them fascinating.
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